When Contemplating a build, it’s a commitment not to be taken lightly.  Below, is a questionnaire that may assist you in your build and answer some of the questions that so many folks ask.

Full Time Residence               Part Time Residence               Weekend getaway retreat               

Guest Space for family and friends for a few nights at a time


KITCHEN               Do I need full kitchen?
– I enjoy cooking and cook a lot at home               

I’m a light cooker -  Coffee pot, small fridge, two burner cooktop and a microwave is fine with me.
No – I’ll go out for that, or I eat at the University Dining Hall – so a coffee pot, small fridge and a microwave is all I need.

Bathtub – I have to have a bathtub to soak in               

Shower – I want a stand-up shower only.               

Shower/tub combo – I like to have options.

Jacuzzi Tub - Available as an upgrade option for those who love to soak after a long day.

I spend most of my time here – I need as much space as possible seating for guests, etc.
I don’t require a huge amount of space.  A table, chairs and a place to hang my coat and hat.
I want it to be cozy, comfortable and just right for myself any maybe one other.
Could care less, as long as it fits my favorite recliner, a place to put my beer and TV remote!

I don’t require a huge amount of space. 
A twin sized futon upstairs is just fine for me.
We are a couple and want to have room for two and someplace to put some clothes.
I want a soaring roofline that maximizes the space where I can sit up.
I want an enclosed loft that feels comfortable and cozy on a long winter’s night.
Downstairs - I want my bedroom/sleeping area on the lower floor.
Multiple Area(s) - I will need more than one sleeping area.

I like ladders - I have no problem with ladders and like the space they save.               

Stairs! - I have to have a staircase – no exceptions.               

Stair-Ladder - I would like to have “best of both worlds” with a stair-ladder.               

Handicap Access - I need to have handicap access.

How many people do I want this home to accommodate?
Just one               

Two – shared sleeping loft               

Two – separate sleeping lofts               

Three or more – maybe kids?               

How do I want to heat my home?               

Propane?               Electric?               Solar?

Where do I plan to primarily use this home in regards to climate? 
, southern type climates?  (Southern USA, Mexico)               

Cold Winters/Hot summers?  (Mountain States, Mid West, etc.)
Mild year round?  (Example:  San Diego is temperate all year round)               

REALLY cold winters?  (Example:  Alaska, North Dakota, Northern New England, the Arctic)

Is the home going to travel? 
No, once it’s to my place, that’s it.                

I plan to travel a couple times a year with it (example – “Snow birds”)                

Yes, I plan to use it like an RV and travel a lot.

What “Grid Options do I want?
On Grid               Off Grid               Combination Grid

What Exterior style do I want?
Contemporary Modern Design               

That cute little “Cabin in the woods” look.               

Victorian style house               

Old Farmhouse style               

Something off the Charts that no one has done yet - my own design!

What Interior style do I want?
Contemporary Modern Design               

That cute little “Cabin in the woods” look.               

Victorian style house               

Old Farmhouse style

Lots of natural wood               

Painted or Stained interior               

My Favorite Colors?

What Other features do I want?
Lots of windows               Skylights