Our Tiny Home "DIY" Package includes a fully framed and closed in "shell" on trailer, leaving the interior to be finished by the DIY Client.  This saves the client significant money and gives the client the freedom to create from a variety of tiny houses floor plans that perfect their home suited for their needs.

DIY Packages

Level 1: 

  • New Trailer from Certified Trailer Manufacturer with re-enforcing cross members completely sheathed and sealed underside with weight rating appropriate to build.
  • Floor Insulation installed
  • Complete sub-flooring assembled and bolted down to trailer
  • Building structure is completely framed and attached to trailer.
  • Specified window and door openings are roughed in
  • Exterior Sheathing installed for walls and roof
  • Exterior roof felt installed
  • Exterior barrier wrap installed on structure, ready for siding.


Level 2: 

  • All the basics of the Level 1 Package, plus –
  • New roofing installed, complete, to customer order.
  • Windows installed
  • Door(s) installed
  • Shower stall roughed in (if so equipped)

Level 3:

  • All the basics of the Level 1 & 2 Packages, plus –
  • Exterior siding installed complete, to customer order.
  • Interior Plumbing roughed in
  • Interior walls framed in
  • External Grid Power electrical roughed in (if so equipped)
  • Stand-Alone Off Grid Electrical roughed in (if so equipped)
  • Propane Package roughed in (if so equipped)
  • Water system/Plumbing roughed in (if so equipped)

Roof and Wall insulation is optional at additional cost. 

Because there are so many choices out there for insulation, we like to keep the options open for the individual client to make the choice(s) that are appropriate for them.  We recommend closed-cell foam insulation for maximum efficiency and R-Value.