Q: What size are your tiny houses?
A: They typically range from 12' to 32' in length and are available even longer (up to 40 feet) on some larger designs.

Q: Do you have basic models or floor plans to which I can choose from?
Yes, we currently have several floor plan/models to choose from.

Q: What if I have a particular design and floor plan I want to build. Can you build to spec?
A: Yes we do. A spec build is a great process as it allows you to participate in the design process and you end up the exact tiny house suited to your needs.

Q: What can I expect to pay for a tiny house?
A: It is all dependent on what the client specifies for design, options and how much completion the client is willing to accomplish on their own. Costs can range from as little as $13,000 to as much as $120,000+.

Q: How long will it take to build my tiny house?
A: Since tiny houses are so varied, it is hard to put an exact "timeline" on build time. Typically, a basic DIY shell can take as little as 30 days while a large custom build could take as long as 4 months or more to build. We schedule builds into a "Build Cue" so when we start on your home, it's the only one we are focused on, from start to finish. A complete build can take as much as 900 man hours to build.

Q: Why are they so expensive?
A: One of the most common myths related to tiny house construction is that they should be extremely cheap. While this may be somewhat true in regards to a basic entry level shell, not all builds are created equal. We hand-craft our builds, using only top quality materials and appliances. The reality of tiny house construction is that a $50,000 price tag is not at all unreasonable when you add up the costs. Again, it's all based on what level you, the client, wants it to be built to.

Q: Do you sell to the Canada and Mexico?
A: We have not done so yet, and would leave it up to the buyer to pick up the tiny house either at our location or at the border and pay for duties etc.

Q: How are your homes titled and licensed?
A: Beginning with a custom-built trailer from an outside partner DOT Certified Trailer Builder, your tiny would by legal definition at this point, be considered a "Utility Trailer". After the build is complete you, the client would take delivery, have it inspected by the DMV and at that time, it would be issued a new VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and would be titled, licensed and registered as a Recreational Vehicle, for at this point, it's legal definition would be just that - a Recreational Vehicle.

Q: What do complete "Turn-Key" Tiny houses come with?
A: They are fully featured and typically include: shower, toilet, instant hot water heater, memory foam mattress, single or double sink, electrical subpanel, water and electrical inlet, double pane windows, low or 0 VOC finishes, cooktop or range, compact fridge/freezer, LED lighting and door. We either incorporate a murphy bed or a loft with compact stairs or ladder. All appliances are new and high efficiency so as to be designed to convert to solar if need be. On some models, a water pump with 30 gallon water tank is included.

Q: Can you build custom to my unique environment to where I want to place my Tiny?
A: Yes, we can build to suit your particular needs. From Hot/Humid/Salty Environments to the Northernmost reaches of the Arctic, we can custom build to your specific needs with the appropriate materials.

Q: Can you build off-grid?
Yes, we can build to suit for "off-grid" use.

Frequently Asked Questions

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