FOR SALE - Ferguson 32.

This particular unit is about 360 square feet.  Bedroom/office/spare room on the main floor in the back with a loft in the center, over the bathroom then kitchen and living area up towards the front.  Currently, this home is located at our production facility here in Prineville, OR. 

The majority of the heavy work is done and the interior is a blank canvas of sorts for the new owner to design and outfit to their liking.  For the size, engineering and quality of the build, the new owner will definitely be getting a good deal! 

The client is asking $42,000.00 / Best offer for the home, as it stands.  This includes a high end LG Refrigerator ($1,300.00 and the Stacking Washer/Dryer ($1,200.00).   For the new owner, they can purchase it and outfit/finish it themselves, or we could continue on with the build and finish it out to the new owner’s specifications and desires.

Originally, with the options and materials selected, this home was on track to have a completed cost of over $100,000.00.  Obviously, the new owner has the choice to continue on with high end exotic options and materials or simplify things while still maintaining a great build quality.  Typically, most of the homes of this size we build for our clients range around the 80-85K mark.  Of course, there are always options a client can go with or without, that would affect the price.  The best thing to do, is have a consultation about needs and wants and see where it leads to.

The following items will finish this house off:

Interior finish walls and ceiling
Flooring needs to be done
Cabinets/counters need to be done
Electrical is already roughed in and in place.
Plumbing is already roughed in and in place.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a tour or with any questions you may have about this tiny home.