Tiny Home Oregon home is inspired by the creative approach towards aeronautical fail-safe designing and building.   Creating from Classic to modern contemporary design, Tiny Home Oregon concentrates on maximizing the open and airy feeling of a small space in our trailer homes.

As a DOT/NHTSA Certified RV Manufacturer, building RV homes ranging from 12'-45' we custom computer design and produce our own one-off trailers that are specifically engineered and produced for each build.  This assures you will have only the best in reliability, strength and maximum usage of available build space.  By design, we are able to gain over 11 inches in build height over more traditional tiny house build methods, while remaining within the allowable DOT limits for road height and width.Each of our homes comes with a VIN Number and Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin. The major benefit of this for our clients, is they can obtain traditional RV Financing, insurance coverage and are legal to operate on USA Roadways.