Tiny House Living

Fact - Students/Reduce Student Debt  What student wants a massive debt when they graduate? (after all, these are the people who will be running our country in time).  It's estimated over 80% of University Students start working life between $40-$60,000 in debt!   Conservative Estimates show that 70-80% of that debt would have been spent on student rental housing.  Money that will never be recovered.  Now, with the ever-growing tiny house movement, they have an opportunity to change that statistic.  Invest in a home and at the end of the Schooling, can choose to continue to own it or sell it to the next student, recovering most, if not all the initial investment.  Check out the numerous Tiny House Blogs addressing this very aspect of tiny house living and tiny house design

Fact - It makes financial sense!   Rather then rent, throwing thousands of dollars down the drain every year with nothing to show for it many people are downsizing and living the tiny life.  Discovering they don't need all the "Stuff" we have been told we "need".  By having the desire to become debt free and to live within their means people  are discovering they are more HAPPY and enjoy living debt free!  

Fact - The elderly  Seniors are discovering a way of living that will meet their needs, all while being able to live more comfortably within their fixed incomes.  Also, with customized building, Seniors can have their homes built to be more handicap accessible, allowing them to age in place.  This is one particular area that Tiny Home Oregon specializes in.

Fact - Living Green   By using less resources by use of well insulated, small energy efficient homes one definitely creates a much smaller carbon footprint on our environment.  By using reclaimed materials for building, we can further reduce the impact on our landfills.

Fact - Great "Starter Home"  Young couples are finding by living Tiny, they are able to get a head start with their starter home that will help them eventually "Graduate" to a more traditional home if they so desire.  Again, it's all about living within means and taking the money saved and applying it towards whatever goals they may have.

Fact - Portable  Obviously, Tiny homes are portable, versatile creations.  

  • Great for a student who graduates and then moves to another city or state for a job.  
  • Great for Seniors who like to seasonally change locations
  • Great for People who like to travel long term.
  • Great for People who have a job where they spend a few months here and a few months elsewhere (like a traveling Nurse, for example).

Tiny House Facts

Tiny House = Tiny living, Tiny bills.

The Tiny House movement is quickly catching on. More and more people are looking to create a bit more living space or to downsize to a more financially secure lifestyle. Whether it's for a single adult, married couple, small family or retiree’s these custom built, fully insulated, luxury homes are built to last a lifetime. Custom built by Tiny Home Oregon to any size, any shape, any color. Let your mind run free.... what do you want it to be?