Why a Tiny?

The Uses for a Tiny home are almost unlimited.  Here are a few points to ponder on:

Traveling for work

Good example is a travelling Nurse.  On to the next assignment?  No Problem!  Hook up and go.  When you arrive - you are already "Home" and not having the expense of high rents, trying to find a place to rent, not to mention all the $$$ that you will not be flushing away.  For anyone who spends long periods of time "on the road" working in various cities and states, this housing solution is a practical no-brainer.

Man Cave

Kick back, watch the game with your buddies, crank it up - all while keeping your better 3/4 happy.

Woman Space

Just like a "man cave" the better 3/4 can have her very own space to call her own.  "Sewing Room"?

Wilderness Hideaway

Tuck it away out in the wilderness.  Have a retreat to go to when you need to get away from it all.


More and more companies are embracing their employees working from home.  It's environmentally friendly and no commuting.  Work from home?  Provides a perfect solution for the home office without distractions, while maintaining your living space in your primary home for just that - living.

An alternative to assisted living - Where is Mom going to live?

As our aging population continues to grow, there will eventually be a need for affordable housing.  With cost(s) of assisted living ever increasing, the cost associated with building a Tiny Home for our elderly Loved ones would equal to about 12-18 months in an assisted living facility.  On average, most people who live in assisted living are there on an average of 8 years.  It quickly becomes obvious this model of living is efficient and financially proactive and preserves assets. To be able to maintain maximum independence and privacy, while still being able to have family close by is a certain advantage.  Tiny Home Oregon specializes in Handicap Accessible Tiny Homes.

Children's playhouse

What more can be said?  Kid's LOVE to have their own "Space"

Extra Bedroom / Guest Quarters

Have the occasional company?  Give them (and you) Privacy during their stay at an affordable cost.

Concession stand

Build it as a food cart or such!  Cute, portable, can be set up anywhere (*where allowed, of course) and can generate income


Can be built to provide extra storage for items.  Pays for itself in short order when you think about what storage units cost per month anymore.