Tiny Home

Woody - Model 16

This model build is a simple "Cabin" design for out in the woods for hunting, etc.  VERY basic and built in the classic Tiny Home design. 

Engineered and built to withstand heavy snow loads.  A lot of tiny houses on wheels are not quite designed for this type of use.

Options include large doors in the back and a Dutch door on the left side.  Two lofts, one each, front and rear.

You will notice the extra close framing design, along with double and triple roof trusses.  To date, this particular Tiny has withstood 60 mile an hour winds and 2 1/2 feet of snow without breaking a sweat.

Built to a DIY shell to be finished on the interior later, or to use as a cargo trailer or storage, as is.  A build like this, the client always has the option of having it finished out to spec.

One great "Man Cave"